Monday, September 03, 2007

Farewell to Summer

Every year, Harrisburg ends the summer season with a festival along the Susquehanna River--the festival is called Kipona. The story goes that Kipona means "sparkling water" and was the name used by the Susquehannock Indians for the river. Not sure about that--but the name evokes a festive mood in all.
The festival draws people.
And some musicians.

And people, people, people.

The older crowd.

And the younger crowd.

Artisans--here operating a treadle jig-saw.

Artists--and art admirers.

Colorful stained glass.

Recycling old glass.

And recycling old silver!

Wooden spoons waving in the gentle breeze.

Meat roasting on a spit.

And served up ready to eat.

Everything you could possibly want to eat.

Some people bring their pets--this guy's snake was named Jawz.
His girlfriend told me his other snake was named Fluffy!

This little vole scuttled around, unbidden, and mostly unseen--hope the snake doesn't see him.

Signs everywhere. This sign struck me funny because McCormick Island has just been bought by Central Pennsylvania Conservancy (it is a rookery for egrets and other river birds)--BUT this weekend, there was a
big unsanctioned party there that the police broke up.

I read this sign all the way through before I realized it was a joke.

And finally, what is a river festival without canoeing?

Farewell to summer.


Jean said...

Beautiful pics - I love festivals.The stained glass is very nice. Did you buy anything:)

Ruth said...

Looks like the type of festival I love to attend. But that guy should leave his snake at home, thank you very much!

Lynne said...

Wonderful pictures of what looks like a fun festival. I really like the crafts that you showed- especially that glass peice with the old plate at the center.

Anvilcloud said...

Nice photo essay. Looks like a very inviting event.

Joan said...

Looks great! These festivals are wonderfull! This weekend is the Haycreek Festival in Geigertown, PA. We never miss it! Food cooked on open fires, and lots and lots of home made crafts and demonstrations (cutting wood from logs, glass blowing, making apple butter, etc.). Check it out out

possumlady said...

Love, love, love the stained glass and the recycled old glass!! I love these festivals. Takoma Park will be having its' Street Festival in October with many of the same things. I can't wait!

Cathy said...

What a lovely festival (despite the fact it signals the end of summer).

The dog sign was a little worrisome and then - I, too - got it.

I love your people portraits and it was brave of you to get so close to that snake who, it is to be hoped - doesn't spot that vole in the next frame :0) Cute, juxtaposition, Donna.

Grace, Every Day said...

I'm with Jean - I want to know what you bought?

Looks like a wonderful time with wonderful people. Lovely pictures!

mon@rch said...

So many great photos here and what a shame that summer is finally over! Hmm, can I start counting down till next spring? Looks like you had a wonderful day enjoying this festival.

RuthieJ said...

Oh Donna, that looks like a great festival. I also love stained glass, so it was wonderful to see those pictures. The painting of the hummingbird and hollyhock was beautiful also.
Glad you had a good time and took your camera along!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I never paddled the Susquehanna River, it looks like a scenic easy float. I did do the Upper Delaware River, which was quite nice and seemed quite remote from river level.

Unless they can keep the teo legged party animals, a truly invasive species, off the island it will not be a good nesting place for birds.

Mary said...

I like the recycled old glass! Sounds great even though it's a sign of the end of summer...

Reminds me of the ethnic fairs in the Baltimore Harbor. The food was always a highlight for me but the shopping was a treat, too. Our favorite was the Italian and Greek festivals, usually held in September-October. Summer's end...