Friday, November 09, 2007

Total Decadence

It is 7:59 a.m. on this Friday morning, and I am sitting in bed, reveling in a day without deadlines and pressures. Oh, sure, there is work to be done--leaves piling up outside from my yard (and my neighbor's yard) but they will be there later this morning, or even this afternoon when I go out to rake them.

My husband has left for work (one of us has to!) and I have the bed all to myself. Well, almost. Here is one of the resident cats. This is Cassidy, my buddy. Allie, my other buddie, will not lie on the bed also if Cassidy is there. Allie will try to displace Cassidy, but she won't share the bed (or me) with him.

I have my computer here so I can catch up on reading blogs. The first blog I ever read was Natural Notes 3, still one of my favorite sites.

I have a stack of magazines--I am always behind on reading magazines.

I have the television tuned to the weather channel--maybe our first snow today, just a flake or two. Hurray!

I even have one of my stuffed pigs--hey, no laughing at this 60+ year old woman who still loves pigs. Had I been born a native American, no doubt my name would be "Sleeps with Pigs." Friends and family who know that I love pigs have tended to buy me many many many pigs--stuffed, figurines, etc. Truth is, I have maxed out on pigs.

Of course, I have my notebook for storing up "blog ant" ideas (a la Julie Z).

And finally, I have my cup of morning coffee--right next to the book I am currently reading, should all these other items be exhausted on this most decadent morning.

OK--now it is 8:30. Time to get out of bed, and start raking, vacuuming, laundering, paper grading, whatever.

But the decadent respite was sweet for a time.


Anvilcloud said...

Have a good rest of the day too.

RuthieJ said...

OOOH, Donna, I'm so jealous! I love mornings like that and so do my doggies and kitty, but they're usually laying on top of my yarn while I knit in bed!

Jean said...

That's one thing about being retired(me)- I can do this every morn or jump right into work that needs to be done. Confess, computer usually grabs my sleeve before any work gets done.

Femail doc said...

I loved meandering through your morning with you. My cat (who looks just like Cassidy and would not tolerate a competitor cat in household for one moment), coffee, paper, book, also my favorite companions for the morning, and well worth it to get up before anyone else in the household does.

Cathy said...

Dear Sleeps With Pigs,

Dear, dear SWPs! You are a hoot! And here's a *holler* for Decadence! Something tells me you've earned a little snuggly self-indulgence.

(I'll have to google 'A Crack in the World' - I'm pretty out of the loop in the latest book offerings)

Mary said...

Donna, I have a pink piggie on my keychain you would love...

Ah, such decadence. My mornings usually start with a jolt right out of bed when the alarm sounds but I always include a few minutes of computer time before I visit the shower.

On Sundays, I take it slowly :o)

I love the mood of this post. Very serene and relaxed. Cats enhance the mood, too.