Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Garden Whimsy

Christine asked what garden whimsy we found at the Boateak, so I thought I'd update a view of our garden. Last year, I wrote about our copper garden--I know, it's a bit weird. I am concerned that we not begin to look like those folks who "cultivate" bottle trees. I think we are stopping JUST short of that.

Our newest garden whimsy contributes to the copper collection. It dances in the breeze, sparkling and tinkling softly.

We have wind catchers, light catchers, and sound makers hanging all around. The breeze throughout the day sets the various items in motion, and the sun sparkles through the stained glass.

Of course, every garden needs flowers. We have those in profusion this year--lots of rain and sunshine.

One thing I have done for several years that brings the summer garden almost indoors--I arrange an array of flower pots just outside our glassed-in porch and plant flowers in increasing height. So when we look out the window we see first short bushy plants, then taller plants in profusion.

So, how are all your summer gardens? Full of flowers? Touched by whimsy?


NCmountainwoman said...

Lovely gardens. I love having container plants that can be moved or replaced easily. They are easier to care for and bring wonderful color (and butterflies) to the deck.

possumlady said...

I had to chuckle at your reference to bottle trees, because I actually like them! But I LOVE all your wind and light catchers. I have seen many of the copper type but never with the beautiful stained glass inside.

I also had to sigh while looking at your garden and have to realize that something like that will never materialize in my yard without a little help from me!

LauraHinNJ said...

I love all your whimsical stuff - makes a garden fun and full of personality, I think.

We have lots of flowers (mostly potted) and very little in the way of whimsy this year. I think I may have to work on that and allow for a little more fun!

Mary C said...

Donna, you have a beautiful garden. And I really like your items of whimsy. They definitely put finishing touches on mother nature's display. I haven't taken time to do much this year for our garden. But I enjoy all the wind chimes we have hanging around our house, especially when the wind blows.

JeanMac said...

You have not only a green thumb but a green hand! Mercy, what beautiful flowers.