Sunday, January 08, 2012

Lovely Cape Town

It is time to begin reflecting on our most recent trip.  We returned, on New Year's Eve day, from a visit to South Africa.  

We spent a week in South Africa, with our daughter and son-in-law: our Christmas gift to each other, no need for any other presents.

The scenes below begin to tell the story of our trip--Camps Bay Beach at sunset, with the ocean spray.

Turn around and we can see part of the mountains around Table Mountain lit by the setting sun.

Part of Cape Town, the Malay area, with brightly painted buildings.  After years of mandatory whitewash exteriors, when the rules were changed, the residents in this area opted for splashes of color.

The mandatory trip up Table Mountain, the cable for the cable car firmly in view.  I had been to Table Mountain as a child, traveling up a more primitive cable car with my dad.  Now, a corporate sponsored sleek car takes us up, all the while revolving for a view all around.

Table Mountain dominates Cape Town, visible from almost all angles.  The winds sweep clouds over the mountain, which give the impression of a table cloth.  Our guide told us Table Mountain is a guide's nightmare.  The cable car up can be closed down on a moment's notice, due to high winds.  Frankly, I'd rather not ride up in high winds.  We were fortunate--up and back with no hitches.  Our guide told us of one group he had who were determined to go up.  When informed that the cable car wasn't running, they wanted to know if there were another way up.  HIKE--was the answer.  So, they all informed the guide they would, and they did--two hours up.  

I wanted a reprise photo of me on the top of the mountain, this time with my husband.  I have a photo from childhood of me with my dad--not necessarily sitting on the same rock, but certainly on the same mountain.

Lion's Head to the one side of Table Mountain.

The view below--Cape Town.  In truth, Cape Town is all around Table Mountain.

Well, there's a start.  More photos, more reports and observations--to come.


Anvilcloud said...

I look forward to more.

Peruby said...

Thank you for transporting me to a place I have never been before and probably won't go. It looks beautiful. It looks as if the temperature was warm. I see your hats on for protection. Was the height enough to cause a change in air density? Or did you even notice it?

That cable car. I used to jump on them when I was young, but as I grow, I don't know. I may have had a slight panic attack. I never used to, so I am surprised by my fear that has developed.

Nance said...

Everything I know about S. Africa came via Doris Lessing, and Beryl Markham. I had no idea it was so lovely! Thanks so much.

Ruth said...

I have a picture of myself as a child on Table Mountain too but I do not remember it. The last time I saw Cape Town was from the boat which brought us to Canada. What a great Christmas trip!!

KGMom said...

Peruby--no Table Mountain doesn't have a height sufficient to cause the air to thin. The hats were a must in the brilliant sunshine.

Nance--the authors you mention do give a sense of South Africa. Of course, it's the visuals that also tell a story.

Ruth--ah, yes. South Africa WAS your childhood home. I only visited it, but you lived there.