Friday, March 23, 2012

Taking a Break

No, no--dear reader. Do not panic. I am not giving up blogging. I am literally taking a break.

After a couple of months of planning, and about a month of preparation, the move now accomplished, I feel the need for a break. 

So how does a river cruise sound? Excellent, I would say. Destination and timing not to be revealed at this moment. But the next several blogs will take you along...only with words and photos, of course. You will have to plan your own getaway if you are due one.

OK--carry on.


Anvilcloud said...

Sounds good. My cruises will have to take place vicariously.

NCmountainwoman said...

I love it when you go on a trip. I miss your posts but love the photographs and narratives when you return. Enjoy.

Mary Lee said...

I've wanted to do a river cruise ever since I saw one of their boats in port in Norfolk. It was large enough to have all the amenities, but small enough that they could schedule scuba diving interludes directly from the ship. I have a friend who did a cruise on the Rhine River and she said it was fabulous.

I LIKE the idea of being able to see land!

Ginnie said...

So where are we going and what should I pack to wear? I'm open to anything!

Mauigirl said...

Hope you are having a wonderful time!