Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm Appealing

...make that I'm a-peeling.

This is a rather strange tale and my only reason for telling it is a kind of caveat emptor effort.

I recently bought a liquid body soap product.  I am an enthusiastic shopper fan of Costco--a great store with a good record of fair treatment for employees (as far as I know).  And, I really don't mind buying a gross of whatever as long as the product is unlikely to go stale, bad or otherwise deteriorate.  Since I like using a liquid body soap for showering and, since my old favorite wasn't available, I bought a different brand than what I had been getting.

This product was the one pictured here.  I am not naming it perhaps for understandable reasons.  Read on.

Anyway, I began using it.  It really was creamy, and generally worked quite well.  But then...but then, I noticed that when I touched things--for example, petting my cats--things felt extra silky and soft.   Even running my hands over my own hair, it felt...different.  Mildly put-off, I wondered--is this the new soap.

Then, after about a week of using the product, my hands began to peel.  Yes, PEEL.  My skin began peeling off slowly as if I were moulting. 

So, I stopped using the product IMMEDIATELY.  I offered it on Freecycle to others who might have used it.  One woman responded--oh, this stuff is fantastic, so figuring she had used it with no problems, I gave it to her.

Then I wrote to the parent company.  I thought they might want to know that not everyone can tolerate their product.  Here's the answer I got back:
Thank you for contacting us.

We do apologize for the experience you reported concerning our Dxxx Body Wash..
We would like to assist you further. In order for us to do so, please forward the following additional information:

- Your telephone number (daytime, evening, cell, etc.)
- The UPC code (bar code) off of the product
- The manufacturing code off of the packaging
- The store name and address where the product was purchased

Upon receipt, this additional information will be forwarded to our Specialist who will contact you shortly.

Now, understand, I had already filled out an auto-response type form.  Phone number was NOT a required element, so I left it blank intentionally.  I also informed them since I no longer had the product, I did not have a UPC code or a manufacturing code.  I just wanted them to know what effect the product had on me.

Oh, I also ruled out any other variable--no other change in anything: no new laundry detergent, no new food, no new med, etc.

So, now what?  I guess I can contact the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  Or I can blog.

So, that's my tale of a-peeling.  And my appeal--always always let the buyer beware.


Jayne said...

I use their bar soaps and love them. I've never had an issue with peeling at all. But, give me ANY toothpaste with "whitener" on the label and the inside of my mouth will peel like crazy!!

Anvilcloud said...

Getting it off your chest by blogging is the easiest way. The hoops and hassles of officially complaining are too daunting.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Never used any of this product line myself so thanks for the heads-up. Complaining to the company may not get you anywhere fast, but still good to do.

By the way has anyone ever commented that the verification code is difficult to read and suggest it be eliminated?

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Just letting you know about the verification code since as a blog author you would not see it and believe me the letters and numbers are VERY difficult to read. It took me 3 tries the last time.

KGMom said...

Jayne--it is always interesting to me how variable the human body is. What is lethal to one person--e.g. peanut butter--is another person's treat.
I guess that's what happened with this product.

AC--well, I really didn't feel like giving my phone number out more than necessary. Robo calls are the bane of our phone.

Beatrice--thanks for your comment. Oddly, I do in fact see the word verification right now on my own comment. This is Blogger's new way of showing a verification word to "prove" you are not a robot. I encounter this with various blogs I read--of course, the point is to deter spam comments--from countries where the language is not written in Roman alphabet letters.

Ginnie said...

How strange. My friends in the medical field tell me that each body is different and that's why it's so hard to make a diagnosis.
Has the peeling stopped now?

KGMom said...

Ginnie--I am still peeling! It seems like this is a second layer of skin.
So far, only my hands--thank goodness.

Beverly said...

Interesting...I've never had an issue with Dove, but Oil of Olay body wash did me in.
I recently changed shampoos because of extreme itching. If it's not one thing, it's another.

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