Friday, August 03, 2007

Summer Reruns--

What's My Line Part 2

Well, here's the latest news. The "sandhogs" came today (Friday) and began digging. Then around 4 p.m., they knocked off for the day, left their equipment and their dirt piles as is, and went home. They managed to make a little progress--they have bored past 3 houses, and have 3 to go before they get to our house. They managed to break one neighbor's water line, and they chopped up the edge of his driveway.

Oh goody--I can't wait for them to get to our house.

And this morning, the fanatical robin was back. So I walked very carefully around our house. And then, I saw Junior. He (or she) was sitting in our window well, which is about 2 feet deep. I thought about leaving Junior there, but it has been terribly hot (up to 95 degrees F today), and I thought it might be better to get the baby bird out. It had been there long enough to leave poop behind (I have been learning from my fellow bloggers who are more scientifically inclined than I that poop is an important indicator!).

I pulled on garden gloves, lifted Junior out and on to the lawn. Well, he took offense at being photographed, and suddenly went wildly hopping away, out on to the street, and across the yard and landed under an evergreen bush. Mama Robin frantically followed him, scolding me. I felt like saying--really, Mama, cool it. I checked back later in the afternoon, and Junior had moved somewhere else. I must admit--Junior is very cute with his wonky baby feathers molting away.

Tomorrow--more digging? Nah--it's Saturday. More chirping? Maybe, especially if Junior breaks curfew again.
BREAKING NEWS--It is now Saturday morning and the "sandhogs" were out there at 6:30 a.m.! Can't believe it--but I'll bet they get to our driveway by 4 p.m.--then we will have a dirt pile next to our house for the remainder of the weekend! Oh, Great.
UPDATE--Spoke too soon. This must have been a meeting place, because after a bit, the men disappeared taking their equipment truck with them. No digging today. Also no chirping mama--hope that means Junior has "mastered" flying.


RuthieJ said...

What a cute baby robin! I'm glad you were able to rescue him, Donna.

Mary C said...

Oh, such a cute little robin and an ungrateful mama! ;o) Well, Donna, how are you holding up with the noise? Anymore cut wires or broken water pipes? Let's hope all this "progress" will be worth it - better technology?

Denise said...

Awwww….double awwww (how does one spell awwww?) for your baby robin and Julie’s Blog about the baby hummingbird. I love to watch birds. I especially like hummingbirds so Julie’s story was very heartwarming. I am mesmerized by these incredible little creatures. I never tire of watching them. I’m glad you tried to help the baby robin. One time when Gail was mowing, he got up close to one of our pine trees and several baby robins hopped out of their nest – probably scared to death. They weren’t ready to be on their own and I was so upset. They all hopped off into the corn field and I went running after them to try to catch them and put them back. I failed. I hope they made it.

cat59 said...

I hope that baby Robin learns to fly soon. They are so vulnerable on the ground. This makes me think about something to which I've never given much thought. When learning to fly, birds must fall out of the nest, but the adults can't pick them up and put them back in the nest. What a dilemma!

Very clever--the lines in a sonnet and the lines in the yard. Something only an English teacher would think of!

Cathy said...

'Wonky feathers' :0D

You're a good soul, Donna. Great pictures.

Hope you don't lose your water Monday.

Body Soul Spirit said...

When we had the underground cable upgraded on our street, our phone line was cut and wasn't fixed for 3 days. I saw all three of our new robins last week and it is amazing that they all survived those first few days out of the nest.

Mary said...

You're doing a great job, Donna! That a very wonky looking bird :o) Very cute.

We all need to look out for our feathered friends.

I hope everything on your street goes smoothly without much interruption. My computer at home is basically dead now. A Dell Tech will be at my house in a few days to replace the network card on the motherboard. I'm sulking.

Rhonda said...

Am I the only one here who thinks that baby robin just looks plain pissed off?

Just my $0.02.