Monday, February 04, 2008

Eight Reasons for my beard

Ha! I bet I caught a number of you off guard.

My father sent me the list below explaining why he grew a beard, and since he does not have a blog, I thought it might be fun to post this. . .along with the photographic evidence.

by David C.

1. I wanted to.

2. My wife's Christmas present to me. She finally gave me permission.

3. This is my Christmas present to my wife.

4. I’m old enough now. Eighty eight years old and if I want to I may!

5. This is my mid-life crisis. I’m a late bloomer.

6. I’m re-inventing myself
(or is that one too politically loaded to use?).

7. For a long time I’ve wondered what I would look like and feel like with a beard. Now I’m finding out.

8. My father and grandfather had beards. My son and grandsons have beards. Why can’t I have a beard?

9. I wanted to.

And if I don’t like it, I’ll shave it off.

I took the photos on a recent visit to my father and step-mother. When I sent the photos by email to my father, I copied my brother and sister. Within minutes, my siblings answered, both expressing astonishment at our father's beard--neither had ever seen him with a beard. So, we have all had a bit of enjoyment out of this late-blooming effect!


Anonymous said...

He looks very handsome in a beard! You're never too old to try something new, right? :)

Pam said...

Good for your dad, he looks quite distinguished. As for your title, yup, I faltered for a second

Anvilcloud said...

I have had a beard most of my adult life. After you've had it for awhile, it's tough to shave it off because the look is very different.

Ruth said...

I am glad to see you dad is well. I had missed the comments on your blog from Father C.

Beverly said...

I love all of his reasons! Wonderful!

JeanMac said...

He looks very distinguished - good for him doing what he wants!

NE/ME said...

Go Dad!! I loved his reasons, he is wonderful, wish he could be a blogger too! Thank you for commenting on my "For the Bible Tells Me So". Our AWE group (Affirming, welcoming, everyone) had a meeting last night and we are showing the movie at our church on March 9th- looking foward to that! Thanks for reading and commenting KGMom

Anonymous said...

Donna, Your email said, I quote, "hope you don't mind.
If you do, I can always delete it." I don't mind. I'm flattered. I see you used Geoffrey's picture for a grandson. I must confess I was thinking of Nevin. Hope you don't mind.
Ruth, I often think of comments, but some of them are too personal. I think you understand.

Love to all, Father "C"

Mary said...

Good for him! Change is good! At 80 years old, I'm glad he has ambition for a "new look". Very nice.

mon@rch said...

How wonderful for your father to do a wonderful post! I also love to grow a beard from time to time! It is nice to see why others do it!

Mary C said...

Donna - your dad looks so handsome and distinguished with a beard. My husband has had a beard for forty years, which means my adult kids don't know what he would look like without one, except for the pictures of our wedding. So many men look good sporting a beard, and it's nice to see your dad try something "new."

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I am like Mary C's husband. I grew my beard in 1967, (Canadian centennial project). My resolve was stiffened when a church fired me from my first job for growing it.) When I showed up to bury my father-in-law his brother exclaimed "Jesus Christ, Who the f**k is this!" in his Damon Runion character way. Another good reason to keep the beard.

I have never shaved it off. My son, at 38, has never seen me without it. I am tempted to shave it once in a while. A pretty female barber almost got me out of it. She was in the last class to learn shaving with a staight rasor. When she told me she had only ever shaved her father and practiced on a lot of balloons, I took a pass. She was a sweet young woman, one of lovely triplets.

Anonymous said...

I love Grandpa's beard! I think he looks very handsome! : )