Saturday, June 14, 2008

Island Hopping

By now, as you read about our trip to Greece, you no doubt have the idea that we did nothing but tramp around various archeological ruins. Well, yes, we did a LOT of that, but we also went on a three day cruise. Leaving from Piraeus, the seaport just outside of Athens, we sailed on a cruise ship to three islands--Mykonos, Rhodes and Patmos. We also made a stop in Turkey to visit Ephesus.

For this post, I will only show Mykonos. Mykonos is a lovely little island in the Aegean Sea that has been "discovered." It has become the playground of the rich and the young. Our visit was brief, and the cruise ship decided not to pay docking fees, so we were ferried to the island by tender boats.

It was ironically amusing that at this Greek island, with shipping being the top industry in Greece, they seemed to have great trouble in getting our tender boat to the dock.

There were at least 8 men who met the tender boat, each shouting directions, making motions, and all of them seeming to contradict each other. We did eventually dock.

The first sight--octopus hanging out to dry. It will then be beaten to tenderize it before it is cooked. Hmmm--somehow takes away my appetite for calamari.

Various tour books mention Petros the Pelican--here is he in all his multi-color glory. Not sure why, but he is the mascot for the island.

Personally, I liked the unofficial mascot much better. I spotted this little wild kitten playing with cacti. Its mother had cleverly used a niche in a stone wall as her lair, and she was there with four kittens.

The windmills still work on the island. The buildings are famously whitewashed and trimmed with blue. The colors of Greece--blue and white.

This little church displayed the colors well.

My husband and I both liked this church--and we each photographed it--so I included both our photos.

When we left the island, the sun was beginning to set across the harbor--quite a lovely view.

More island hopping in future posts.


Ruth said...

Everything looks idyllic! I love the white washed buildings and the matching white pelican.

Beth said...

I like the blue and white, too--it almost made me reach for my sunglasses. I've enjoyed your trip, keep the pictures coming!

Ginnie said...

I'm green with envy....but glad to be part of the journey vicariously.
Great pictures.

NCmountainwoman said...

Great photos. Why are they called "tender" boats? Is it because, like tugboats, they tend to the other boats? Or is it because of their size?

We are really enjoying the trip.

Naturegirl said...

A wonderful trip to Greece! We are travelling to Europe but Greece will wait until next time so I am enjoying these images..did you run into ~Shirley Valentine?~ know the movie!! Thanks for sharing!

Mary said...

The white buildings on the dark blue water are breathtaking. The sunset is glorious. Everything is lovely about this post; however, I've never seen crucified octopus.

mon@rch said...

Stunning photos and I just loved hearing about your Island Hopping!

RuthieJ said...

Just beautiful!
And how lucky that you were able to spot that cute little kitten also.