Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grand Old Man

Today, we threw a birthday party for my father, whose 90th birthday it is.
So, here's a quick recipe for a grand party for a grand old man.
First, get a sign that says "Happy Birthday.

Next have the birthday celebree arrive in style. Note, do NOT surprise a 90 year old.

Next, have a birthday chair waiting, so that the birthday celebree can "hold court."


Next, have a guest book for all party attendees to sign.


Then, make arrangements to have a birthday cake with the years clearly spelled out. Skip the candles, however--a) you don't want the cake to melt; and b) you want to have the birthday celebree save breath for more important things such as visiting with guests.


A particularly nice touch--have someone thoughtful send flowers (in this case, my sister Denise, who actually thought of sending flowers with no prompting from anyone).

Next, secure the assistance of the wonderful employees of the retirement village where my father lives to serve cake, scoop ice-cream, make beverages, and just in general do the work of food serving so everyone can enjoy the party. Do not, however, refer to them as the village people--it only confuses things.

Watch the celebree enjoy visiting, while sitting in the birthday chair.


And visiting.

Make sure that family members who are older than 90 also have a place to sit and visit.

Finally, if you are the hostess, make sure you sit down from time to time. And, remember to smile!


A closing word: we did not surprise my father, but he did not know who the guests would be. Among those who attended were 20 members of my mother's family.

What wonderful family ties.

Also in attendance--several members of my step-mother's family, many former missionaries with whom my father worked, members of the Kiwanis club my father belongs to, and members of the men's singing chorus my father is in at the retirement village where he lives, along with various friends he has made along the pathway of his life.

As for immediate family members--my step-mother, me and my husband, my sister's daughter and her husband.
In all--90 people attended this grand party for a grand old man.


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

What a wonderful celebration for all who attended!

Happy birthday to your Dad.

Anvilcloud said...

Most of us won't reach that age, so when a Grand Old Man does, it's certainly worth celebrating. Ya dun gud, kid.

Beth said...

What a very special day for you all. Your father looks just wonderful and very happy with the celebration. Happy Birthday to your dad and thank you for being such a thoughtful daughter.

dog-geek said...

Wow - that sounds like a wonderful party, and your dad looks great! Your checklist is nice, too, but frankly there's no way I could refrain from calling the staff "The Village People."

Liza Lee Miller said...

What an amazing celebration! Looks like you had a wonderful time. 90! Wow! And, as dog-geek says, "there's no way I could refrain from calling the staff 'The Village People.'" Too tempting!

Beverly said...

How very wonderful that you have your dad! How nice to that so many from your mother's family were there. Happy birthday to your dad.

possumlady said...

A VERY Happy Birthday to your dad! Looks like a wonderful celebration of his life. You look happy and not stressed out with the planning and hosting--gotta give those Village People a hand.

You are indeed blessed to have your dad with you at 90 years old.

Ginnie said...

What a lovely post and I learned something from it too. I am having a 50th surprise party for my oldest son in two weeks and had noe thought to have a guest book. Thanks!

NCmountainwoman said...

Wonderful celebration. I'm sure everyone enjoyed it. Happy Birthday to the Grand Old Man!

Climenheise said...

I'm only sorry we had to be so far away! Thank you for celebrating Dad so well. And for bringing together people who have been an important part of his long life. And for giving hiim such a good birthday party.

Jayne said...

Awwww.... how sweet Donna! Happy birthday to your dad. :c)

Ruth said...

I am glad to hear that your dad is doing well. Happy Birthday to him. You planned a remarkable and memorable party.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

What a lovely occasion for your Dad and his many family and friends. What a wonderful daughter you are.

Happy Birthday to the Patriarch!

RuthieJ said...

90 years young! What a milestone for your dad! Thanks for sharing his celebration with us Donna and please share my belated birthday greetings with him.
He sure looks sharp in that blue plaid suit! :-)