Monday, June 22, 2009

Open Wide

. . .and say -- arrggggghhh!!

Today, I go for round 2 of periodontal surgery. You know, when the dentist stuck that little probe in next to my gums, and began calling out random numbers--3, 5, 6, 9, 7, 8 etc.--I had no idea it would mean hours of jaw-cracking pain. Not really pain, but just aching.

Sit with your mouth open for about 2 hours, all the while half of it is completely numbed, and you feel like the village idiot drooling uncontrollably, and you get a whiff of what lies before me this afternoon.

I tried Googling some images of periodontal surgery and thought better of it. It is enough to know that half of my face will feel like it doesn't belong to me without having to look at photos of someone else's gums being worked on.

Am I going for the pity factor. Hmmm--me? Do I want pity? I will settle for mercy.

Oh, did I mention that this wonderful procedure is followed by TWO weeks of eating nothing solid, and also NO brushing teeth. WHA. . .?

Be back when the numbness subsides.


NCmountainwoman said...

I'll give you pity for sure. It sounds pretty awful. I hope it goes better than you imagine.

Dog_geek said...

Oh dear... I feel pity. Any sort of dental work scares the stuffing out of me. I had to get a dental implant a few years ago - it was my worst nightmare!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Oooh Donna.
I'm feeling your pain.
Sorry. :(

Ruth said...

What a way to diet! Wishing you all the best under the circumstances. The outcome must be worthwhile.

Beverly said...

Oh my. I've never had that surgery, but my daughter has had to have some grafting done two different times. She was quite a trouper. However, she wasn't restricted from eating that lng.

Happy sipping. I guess you can do that?

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Lucky you! You have enough teeth to salvage. Rural dentistry does not allow for such exotic surgery. For most of my older friends, the day they had all their teeth pulled was the happiest day of their life.

possumlady said...

Oh, poor Donna! My dad had that surgery back in the late 70s. I remember him not being able to eat for days. I'm sure the treatment and surgery have gotten much better since then!

Not brushing will be hard. I'm sure you must be able to rinse your mouth out with salt water or baking soda water?

Hope your pain (if you have any) is minor and dissipates quickly!

KGMom said...

It seems that dental work is high of many of your lists of "what I hate."
Ruth--I had the other side of my mouth done about a month ago, and I thought--ooooo, I will lose weight. HA! I had stocked up on so many soft foods that I didn't suffer at all.
Examples of soft foods: soups (e.g. Italian Wedding Soup); yogurts; smoothies; bananas, peanut butter; scrambled eggs. It is quite amazing how much you can eat without chewing--that's the key.
Philip--you do bring up a good point. We have access to excellent dental care AND my husband's dental insurance, which covers me, is excellent.
So--thanks for all your good wishes and sympathy. I am really not suffering much. I do have high-powered ibuprofen if pain starts up. And I have been keeping ice on my face.

Jayne said...

Oh Donna.... ugh. I feel your pain. I remember I ended up with two root canals on my birthday one year. Hang in there.

The-Grizzled-But-Still-Incorrigible-Scribe-Himself! said...

Think of this as your own little version of an economic stimulus package—though of course, the economics you stimulate won't be your own. You will be able to enjoy the soft, no-chewing foods purchased with some (a minor portion, I'm sure) of your spending. And you'll never have a better excuse to indulge in ice cream for breakfast.

You were quite right in NOT looking at the online photos of your procedure. This is definitely one of those cases where too much information is to be avoided. Self image is a fragile fantasy…

I do hope you're feeling at least a bit better now, this comment being a day late. It wasn't fun, I'm sure—but it's over, the problem fixed, and you can now move on, though not right away…first take the time to pamper yourself a bit.

JeanMac said...

Hope your mouth feels better fast!

Anvilcloud said...

Me not likey this.

dguzman said...

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! *swoon* *thud*

*coming to again*
You know, my dentist is a great guy and even his shots don't hurt. But I still hate dentists!

Feel better soon--hugs!

troutbirder said...

Been there. Done that. You have my sincere sympathy. Well... at least you have insurance.:)

RuthieJ said...

Yikes, Donna, did you really have 9s? I hate that test at the dentist and cringe whenever she says 5. No one explained to me what that meant the first time I had it and the sad thing is that I'm still not a faithful flosser. After reading this post of what you have to endure for the surgery, I think I'd better get back to flossing regularly. Good luck to you, I hope your recovery goes well.