Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Last Word...

...for a time, dear reader, just for a time.

When I first became aware of blogging, I began writing and reading.  My first blog entry was about a trip to Spain we had recently completed.  Once I wrote up the entire vacation experiences, I moved on to other topics--plumbing childhood memory depths, then observations about teaching, life, movies, along with the occasional rant.

I also began reading other writers' blogs.  Blogging is so much more satisfying for me than tweeting, or than reading Facebook entries.  First, almost every subject I can think of as a potential writing topic requires more than the truncated entry requirement of Twitter, and more than the clever or titillating bon mot that catches my eye on Facebook.  Second, I tend to limit whose blogs I read, which I also do with Twitter (for me, the least used of these self-expression media), but which I am less inclined to do with Facebook.  While I don't accept every request to "be friends" on Facebook, I have a wider circle there than I do in the blogging world.  

But what I observe is that blogging is slowly falling out of favor.  Some of the early blogs I read no longer exist--in a few instances, the writers have died: they wrote bravely about their struggles with diseases that eventually silenced them.  Some of the blogs I read have fallen by the wayside as the writers move on to other ventures.  Some bloggers are still perking along, bubbling with a fountain of creativity as prolific as Ponce de Leon's mythical fountain of youth.  Sometimes I find a new blog to read and enjoy (see Pieces of Peace). 

I know, in the core of my writing being, that Facebook will also fade.  And as I peruse the entries each day, I see it fading.  No need to catalog the Facebook complaints and woes here.

So, why my dire "The Last Word..." title?  Because I am about to take a mini-blogging break.

While you know we have traveled--both to the west (California, here we come!) and east (maybe something to do with this sweetie),  ----------->
I will soon be venturing down a path that age has set me upon.

SIGH.  The knee that has plagued me since college basketball is about to be replaced.  And I will provide humor fodder for my husband as I try to make my way around with a walker. 

When I muster enough energy to come back to writing, I will.  Maybe I will have some new hospital stories.  Maybe I will have a rant or two.  But, whatever I do, I will pick up the proverbial pen and resume writing.


Beverly said...

I totally understand where you are coming from. I have almost quit blogging too. I have noticed that about FB too, that is, the things that you have mentioned in your post.

Your granddaughter is adorable. I hope you get to see her soon...and often. I know that you are separated by the ocean.

I hope that your knee replacement will be a rousing success. Mine was done in 2004, and I've not been sorry. At first I said that if I needed the other one done, I wouldn't hesitate, but down the road, I'm not too sure.

Enjoy your break, if having surgery can be enjoyable.

NCmountainwoman said...

Have a great break, blogger buddy. Hope you enjoy California and a visit to the new grandbaby. (Who is totally adorable!) And best of luck with the knee. Take care.

Peruby said...

The hospital stories can be very adventurous. Best of luck with the surgery and heres hoping for an easy recovery.

Anvilcloud said...

Happy trails to you until you blog again. And quick recovery too.

Paddy said...

Good luck with your knee replacement and I wish you a speedy recovery, so you can return to the blogosphere and your regular life soon!

Loved this post BTW. I feel the same way as you do about blogging Vs twitter Vs facebook

KGMom said...

Thanks--all. Some of you are still blogging somewhat faithfully. Some with less frequency, but nevertheless still blogging.
I find I do have IDEAS, but when I check back over previous posts, I find my thoughts returning to what I have already posted on. So, I wish to avoid repetition.
As for AC's Happy Trails wish--thanks, but you do realize you have planted an earworm Happy Trails to you...

troutbirder said...

Best wishes. I had given up most of my outdoor activites till a new knee made it possible to live again the way I wanted. I'm sure you will find the same....:)

Ginnie said...

Good luck on your knee operation. It may well give you a new outlook on blogging when you start to feel better. I hope so because I always enjoy reading what you have to post and I enjoy your comments on mine.
(PS: the grandchild is adorable !)

Anonymous said...

Donna, I wish you well with your self-imposed break from blogging, and especially with your knee replacement. Thankfully, my joints still seem to be in good shape. I also want to thank you for your loyalty in reading and commenting on my blog. I have really appreciated your consistently affirming comments and have resolved to do the same for others. Thanks too for the shout-out to my blog!!

Mary Lee said...

My rule is that opportunities to spend time with grandchildren supersede everything!

I hope the knee surgery goes well. That's certainly enough on your plate. I have no doubt that your brain will be cataloging stories, however.

I'll be thinking good thoughts.

PS. That is one precious photo!

Ruth said...

Just catching up on blog reading myself. As someone who does FB, Twitter and blogging, I recognize that you can only keep up with some of it. You have inspired me to write better (don't know if I could pass your class) and I enjoy your insightful posts. Your granddaughter is beautiful! And all the best with your knee replacement. Do your exercises faithfully even though they hurt like *ell!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I will be waiting for your return.

I read an article this morning by David Climenhaga. At first I thought it was your brother in Manitoba but it was not. He is a journalist in Alberta. Is he a relative you have never mentioned?

I know what it is to have a sore knee. I suffer from a very sore knee and hip which my one tentative visit to a doctor (as the result of my families intervention to get me to go) could not find a cause for it. I suspect I have a bad hip which causes more pain in the knee than the hip. I tend to try to ignore these things. In spite of free health services I am not a big consumer of medical service. I may yet find my way to a specialist who may suggest surgery.
Good luck with your surgery. I knew a woman who had two hip remplacement where were so successful she was able to go back to work scrubbing floors and cleaning people's cottages. I trust this will not be your fate.

Jayne said...

I'm sadly just reading this post as I also have been absent from blogging as of late. Can't seem to find the energy to get back to it for some reason, and yet, can't seem to end it all together. Best wishes as you recover from your knee surgery. As others have said, be gentle with yourself, and do your exercises and you will be enjoying the freedom of walking without pain. Love to you my friend. xo

Climenheise said...

TPITS: There is more than one David. This one is a cousin, whom I have met but I don't believe my sister has.

Sister: I hope you don't stop blogging. I find that linking the blog to f/b helps. For myself, sometimes I need to write something, and sometimes I need not to write.