Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Best an Amateur Photographer Can Do

My husband and I love to travel. We began traveling overseas at the prompting of our daughter. Our first trip was to England in 1996. Since then, we have visited England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales; France; Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary & Austria; Switzerland; Denmark, Sweden, & Norway; Spain; Bermuda; Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg; Spain, Portugal & Morocco. And I have visited Ghana.

I love to take photographs on these trips (who doesn't) but my preference in photos is to have most of the people out of the picture so I can get mainly the architecture. The trips that have been off-season have, consequently, been the most cooperative in that regard.

Herewith a smattering of the best photographs this amateur could produce. (And that Blogger would agree to load.)
U.S. Cemetery in Luxembourg for soldiers killed in Battle of the Bulge
(where Gen. Patton is buried)

German Cemetery in Luxembourg (soldiers were buried two or three to a grave)

Overlooking Luxembourg City

Reflecting Pool, Alhambra, Granada

Amazing architecture in Alahambra

Lion Fountain in Alhambra, Granada

Inside the Generalife (Summer Palace) at Alhambra

Flower pots in Albacin section of Granada

Two old women walking past Valencia Cathedral

Cathedral in Granada

Old Customs House, St. Georges, Bermuda

Bay on Bermuda Island

Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London

Glasgow Cathedral, Glasgow, Scotland

Nun hurries by buildings in Brugge, Belgium

White swan on black water at Brugge

Flower gardens in Trier, Germany

Maybe I will try to add some photos, as time and patience allow. So, check back.


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful. Interesting to me that the one that that 'landed' was of the two old ladies walking on the cobblestones. Maybe my aging joint were sympathizing with those old feet balancing on those unforgiving stones.

Anonymous said...

This is funny. I looked at the picture of the old women again. Those stones aren't so 'cobbly' after all. I think my memories of some rugged footing inserted itself here :0)

LauraHinNJ said...

Beautiful photos! I especially like those of Spain - I never got to visit the southern part of the country and missed the Alhambra.

I liked the little old ladies too. Typical Spanish widows dressed all in black.

Bravo! Thanks for sharing these.