Thursday, January 18, 2007

Peanut Butter, Pills, Pup & Persistent Cat

Today is a non-pill day for our dog, Tipper, who is on prednisone to suppress her body's over-zealous elimination of her own platelets. Most every day, she gets a 20 mg. pill of prednisone, but, since today is a teaching day for me, I skip giving her the pill. (The side effects of prednisone are increased hunger and thirst for the dog, so, with her in her crate while I am gone, it seems cruel to afflict her with urges that she can't satisfy in her confinement.) ANYWAY, as I got out my usual morning vitamin, the dog hears the rattle of the bottle and ASSUMES this is for her.

You see, I have learned that a dog will take any pill, almost any size, as long as you coat the pill in peanut butter. So she came running for the morning dose of peanut butter. Awww--puppy, sorry to disappoint you. But then, she (being a very smart half-Border collie) made an excellent point--she could force herself to have a taste of peanut butter WITHOUT the pill! So, herewith!

Problem solved!

So, my next step in morning processing is to read the newspaper. And here begins another predictable ritual. Ever since our one cat Cassidy was a kitten, he has loved to crawl up on the table and position himself just so on top of . . .you guessed it. . .the newspaper. I can spread the paper out and be all ready to read, Cassidy is nowhere around, and SUDDENLY he materializes (like all cats I have ever had, he time travels--I first read about the ability cats have to time travel in that wonderful children's classic Time Cat by Lloyd Alexander).

I will be sitting there pleading, no, no, not my newspaper, and Cassidy, utterly oblivious to my pleas, plops himself right -- on -- the -- page -- I -- am -- READING. I groan, pick him up, deposit him on my chair (since I am now standing) and hope he will stay there. If he does, I continue reading, while standing until the newspaper is done. And, of course, Cassidy consents to letting me pet his ears, while he sits on my chair, and I try to read the newspaper.

Note, Cassidy is NOT sitting on the ad side of the newspaper, which I can easily skip reading; oh no, he is plopped (and really that is what he does) right on top of the text.


LauraHinNJ said...

Gotta love 'em, huh!

I've found peanut butter to be an excellent trick for pills, too. My DH won't do it though, insists it's too sticky, so instead he struggles with bologna or some other tasty morsel that the dog can just as easily spit out.

I won't have cats anymore, but I used to have one do the same as your Cassidy - an annoying, but endearing habit.

I have to be careful of reading around the bunnies - rather than sitting on the pages - they nibble them.

Thanks for the laughs with this post.

KGMom said...

LOL on the bunnies nibbling. Not a problem that I have ever thought of.
If the DH won't use peanut butter, how about cheese in a can. Easy to squirt on a spoon, and dog just licks it off?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna-

So sorry to hear about Tipper. What were her symptoms that alerted you she had a problem? Our Kody has to take prednisone at times due to various skin problems - I guess inherent with Bichon's. I am very familiar with the need to drink more, and all that goes with that. I am amazed at how our animals work their little way into our hearts and lives. We haven't had cats for a long time but I remember how cute and fun their antics were. Where did we get our love for animals?

Mary said...

This was so funny and so true. I had cats in the past that would never allow me to read anything.

I hope Tipper responds to the meds and shows much improvement. The p'nut butter is a great idea! I always rolled a pill in a slice of ham and the ham would go down the hatch but the pill would be spit across the floor...