Monday, January 22, 2007

Monday Morning Updates

In some of my recent blogs, I wrote on topics that readers have commented on. Herewith a few updates.

The most recent blood work results show that her platelet levels are holding steady. So the vet said to cut back her prednisone dose. It was 20 mg. tablets, which I now cut in half so she gets 10 mg. daily. BUT, and here's what is strange, she is more hungry and thirsty than before. My husband, half jokingly (I think), wondered if cutting the pill in half releases more active ingredients. For now, Tipper is doing fine. Next blood test--in one month.

I am doing fine too. Now that I am back to regular blood sugar testing (only once a week), I continue to get feedback that diet alone is controlling blood sugar levels. So far I am hovering around 100--which is the target. Next doctor appointment in less than a month--TRUTH time!

Out of the blue (well, not quite--given the emailing high school classmate), I got an email from one of the threesome of the anti-clique clique. What a delight! In our emails back and forth, we have exchanged brief brushstroke details of our lives over the past. . .OMG. . .45 years. No, can't be. But it is. 45 year high school graduation anniversary on the horizon. And, except for meandering aches and pains, I don't feel a day over--let's make it 50.

Now that my daughter is home, you would think I wouldn't be paying much attention to things in Ghana. However, an old friend is currently there doing 3 weeks of nursing work on a hospital ship. She is sending daily emails of the travails of non-stop surgery. And in the brief moments when she gets out into parts of Ghana, she is experiencing the chaos and wonder of that country.

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Mary said...

Sounds like things are holding steady. Good news about Tipper and your blood suger. Controlling it by diet is learned and you should do well! Thanks for the updates.