Sunday, January 07, 2007

Photomania continued

A few more photos. I wanted to put up a few photos of Prague, but Blogger decided I had put up enough photos for the day.

Charles Bridge, Prague

Elaborate clock, in central Prague

Sans Souci, outside Berlin

In Sans Souci garden

Potsdam where
conference was held to decide how to deal with Germany after World War II

Gardens at Potsdam

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

Atop Brandenburg Gate

Stained glass reflections, Austrian monastery


Mary said...


Thanks for visiting my blog. I don't travel much, so I can get a glimpse of the world through your blog! Lovely photos.

Your previous post, "Why Blog?" is well said. I have the same sentiments as you, especially when you mentioned "instant publication gratification". You hold your breath, click on Publish, and your are DONE!

Anonymous said...

Donna, Your pictures are truly beautiful. I know that a good picture doesn't just 'happen'. It takes a good eye - an appreciation for light, scale, composition. They must evoke wonderful memories. (Oh! my word verification is lcugk - there's luck in there :0)