Friday, February 16, 2018

Going to the Movies

I know, I know...every year along about this time, I am writing about my observations on the year's crop of Academy Award nominees.

But, not this year. Why? you might ask. Simple answer--because we haven't gone to see any. We've only seen one: Dunkirk.

Yes, there are ones I would like to see--The Post, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Call Me by Your Name.

And there are ones I don't care to see--The Shape of Water, or Get Out, for example.

I applaud the creativity of all the movies nominated for best picture of the year. And I am pleased with some of the breakthrough offerings--Get Out directed by Jordan Peele, or Lady Bird directed by Greta Gerwig.

But there's little that draws my interest. The ones on the list above of "would like to see" are the only ones that do.

So come Academy Awards night, I will be watching actors and actresses (why do we still insist on a feminine version???) as they receive awards. And as directors claim reward for their efforts. And as one movie is declared the TOP movie of the year. (I trust this year there won't be a mishap in that announcement, although the outcome of the eventual awarding of "best movie"** was well-deserved..)

Then, maybe after Academy Awards night I will resolve to see a few movies.

This year, in addition to my diminished interest in the offerings, I am suffering from grieving. Grieving at what our country is going through, grieving at the diminution of working for the common good, grieving for the rise of animus against our fellow humans. Maybe I do need the movies to distract me...

Or maybe I can just watch classy television series: The Crown, Victoria, Godless as examples.

** Moonlight won, in case you can't remember.