Friday, January 09, 2009

No U-Haul behind a Hearse

(photo from the Internet--I don't really think someone tried to "take it with him"!)

The title of this post may make you scratch your head a bit--but I looked around for an appropriate quote to get at the idea of possessions, and every one I found just seemed lame.

So I recalled this old expression--no idea who might have first said it, but it conveys something that speaks to my heart. Of course, the gospel statement of "what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?" says it so much better.

So, why this rumination of possessions? Because my husband and I have just given away our dining room table and chairs. Now, mind, we are not going without such a table. We found a new one that is on its way, so I put the old table and chairs on Freecycle (yes, my friendly Internet give-away site).

It was the responses that just blew me away. I really struggled making a decision about whom I should select to give the tables and chairs.

(photo from Internet--this is NOT our old table and chairs!)

Here are some of the things people wrote in response to my offering the furniture (with no corrections as to how they expressed their need):

--Hello I Am Very Intrested In This Dining Set, I Am A Single Parent And
Just Moved In Area And I Have A Person From My Daughter's Nursing Hospice Care That Would Be Glad To Pick Up For Me, I Can Really Use This For My Family

--We're interested in the table and chairs. We 'inherited' an older table
from my wife's deceased grandmother a few years ago. It had been around for
quite a time - and was in storage for a few years before we acquired it. It has
never been in good condition since we got it - and most of the chairs are
broken. We've been holding out to find/purchase a newer set - but haven't
done so yet as there are always other pressing needs.

--I would be very interested in yoru dining table and chairs. We
moved here a couple of years ago, with nothing, from CO. Due to health
reasons we moved here to be near family. We have accumulated quite a few
items, but are still in need of a dining table and chairs. Since moving
here, we also moved my daughter and her two children in with us. I believe
it is so important for families to eat together as a family and discuss their
day. Any way, I would be very interested in your dining table and
chairs. Please consider my request. Thank you and God Bless

--We would love to take the table off your hands. We are a family
of five and haven't been able to sit at the table together for about two years
now. I would love to be able to eat as a whole family again. We
could pick up by sat. for you. It would be Friday I think my husband has a
meeting for scouts Thursday night. We could pick up tonight, but I see you
want to wait for 24 hours. I understand that. Let us know if we are
the ones chosen and I will make sure he has the trailer here at our house
waiting to come get it.

--if you still have the table and chairs please let me know i have been
looking for one for a girl at church and her kids they had to start over so i
took it apon myself to try to help her out by trying to find her some furniture
please let me know if you still have this thanks and blessings to you and

--If you would consider us for the table and chairs, we would be very
greatful. We are a family of 8 and we have to eat in shifts. We only have 4
chairs and a small table. If you would consider us, then we would have enough
room for everyone and could freecycle what we have the table and 2 chairs,
because we would need to keep 2 to go with the table and 6 chairs that you have.
Thank you for at least considering us.

Well, I almost went out and bought another table and chairs just so I could pick TWO families to get a place to sit to eat. It touches the heart.

I finally contacted the family of 8, and today the father came by with his pick-up truck. Together, he and I loaded the 6 chairs, two extension pieces, and table onto his truck. I hope that tonight that family ate together, perhaps even saying a prayer, and thinking how they can help another family.


Ruth said...

I love the title and picture! What a memorable way of saying we cannot take it with us. I hope that large family is excited about their "new" table.

Beverly said...

I just wrote a long comment on here, and it didn't post.

A wonderful post. I'm sure that you had a hard time deciding.

Anonymous said...

What a tough choice. And, what a nice way to deal with your older furniture. You rock.

Anvilcloud said...

Thesha was giving away an old couch just yesterday, and Cuppa found two takers almost immediately. I'll have to see if Freecycle has a circle of posters in this area.

Jayne said...

Wow Donna... I can see why it was a hard decision. There is so much need. Amazing what a simple thing a table and chairs means to someone. Bless you for using such a great means to disperse "things." I am going to look for our local Freecycle group right now.

Ginger said...

What a delightful thing! I don't know why I didn't catch on to this before, but this post was lovely...and it finally sank in. And there's a group even in our little rural area! Thanks!

NCmountainwoman said...

The U-Haul behind the hearse is quite a sight. I wonder if the deceased really thought he could take it with him.

Doesn't it feel good to help another family? We purchased a new sectional for our den. The old leather couch and chair/ottoman were in good shape and delighted the family who received it.

Ginnie said...

What a lovely thing to do...but how hard to choose who would get the gift. Didn't it amaze you that there were so many needy people? I hope they pass some of their good luck on to another couple.

Dog_geek said...

It doesn't sound like you could have made a wrong choice. Good for you - you DID help two families, since the family you chose will freecycle their smaller table.

Mary said...

God Bless You, Donna. It must have been hard to deny a few of them... We have given away loads of furniture over the years and it always made us feel good.

LauraHinNJ said...

(jumping up and down happy)

I wish more people used freecycle... wish I had found it sooner.

Bless you!

nina at Nature Remains. said...


JeanMac said...

That's a nice looking set of furniture - hopefully well appreciated by its new owners.

RuthieJ said...

Gosh, it must have been tough deciding who to get your dining table set. Sounds like your decision sent it to a good home.

GranBecks said...

Hi, I have decided you are going to be an addition to the blogs I stalk! I was looking up the expression, "Never seen a u-haul behind a hearse" because I had said it to a friend who writes music and he said he loved that expression and wants to write a song! I became concerned that I had said that to him because it was a song I had already heard! I think it was a Pastor or speaker I had heard that first said it to me. Anyway, is dementia a legitimate excuse for Plagiarism? Oh my, I may have just inspired my next blog! Thanks for your site.
I too have a blogspot:
Please visit when you have the time. ~GranBecks