Sunday, July 08, 2007

Eight Random Facts

I have been tagged THREE ways! By Laura, by RuthieJ, and by Nina. Someone in the circle of bloggers and readers noted that we have almost all been tagged on the 8 Random Facts meme.

So, I will happily share 8 random facts, and leave off tagging 8 people (sort of).*

Eight random facts

1. I got to sing in the Rolling Requiem to commemorate the first anniversary of the attacks on the WTC and DC on September 11, 2001. I enjoy singing (as an alto) and have been in various choirs.

2. I have seen two of the 7 natural wonders of the world: Victoria Falls and the Grand Canyon. I love to travel, and try to see as many of the World Heritage Sites as possible.

3. I learned how to wolf-whistle in high school Latin class using my index and middle finger of both hands. I usually whistle this way once a semester to get the students’ attention—always shocks them.

4. I worked for eight years in state government in Pennsylvania, as a political appointee under Gov. Robert Casey; I was deputy secretary for planning & quality assurance in the PA Department of Health. In this job, I was in charge of all the quality inspections for all hospitals, nursing homes, surgical centers, and ambulances in Pennsylvania.

5. I have crossed the equator three times on board ship--but the first time I crossed it was when my parents first went to Africa—we flew in 1946—the journey took several days. That makes at least four crossings of the equator.

6. I love to write—in fact, I wrote and had published a biography of my grandparents. And I have just submitted an article to a journal for publication that came about through a contact from someone who read my blog!

7. My father’s family came to Canada from Europe in the 1700s (we think), then emigrated to the US, then back to Canada after the US Revolutionary War. Then my grandfather came to the US to marry my grandmother. Now my brother has gone back to Canada and lives and works there—so I like to think my birth family is bi-national.

8. My career path has been book-ended by teaching college English. I got the first job I ever had because I wrote a thank you letter to a favorite professor at my undergraduate school. I taught for 8 years, then went off to various jobs for some 27 years; now I have returned to teaching college English.

Well, that seems random enough. Now, I could tag my brother and my sister to contribute their own random facts, but *ONLY if they want to be tagged. Big sisters don't do mean things unless absolutely necessary.



The Random 8 Facts Rules

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Ruth said...

How many of us took Latin in high school!? I did a lot of conjugating, but didn't learn to wolf whistle. I like your #1 because it shows you continue to do new and interesting things. Don't say your career is book-ended! You may enter politics next.

Dorothy said...

Oh do I ever remember Latin class.
It was taught in a Catholic high school by the Mother Superior. We all were sure to "tow the line" in that class. ;-)

Well Donna, you asked me about my tongue-rolling abilities (my meme). I can roll it sideways. ;o)

Mary said...

You did reveal much, Donna. You sing well, you have traveled the world, and you can wolf-whistle. I would love to wolf-whistle and roll my tongue - tee-hee.

You publications are no surprise and don't think you are book-ended teaching English, unless that's what you prefer. You are multi-talented and that will get you everywhere.

LauraHinNJ said...

Didn't take Latin, hence didn't learn to wolf-whistle. Would love to know how though as I can't raise my voice very loud and a whistle would help with those rowdy college kids!

Thanks for joining along in the fun!

Climenheise said...

Were the initials of that favourite professor RS? Maybe it was someone else entirely. If it was RS, he gave me a D on the fist paper I wrote for him (a review of "Lord of the Flies", composed and typed the night before), remarking that he knew I could do better work than that.

Someone on Lois' side of the family (I think) told me that our grandfather once failed him, not for failing the course, but for not working up to his potential.

Politics? Well, maybe. Donna for ?

RuthieJ said...

Hi Donna,
Interesting facts about I learned something new: about World Heritage Sites (I checked the U.S. listing and have only seen 5). It's nice learn from someone who is well-read and well-traveled. Thanks for sharing.

KGMom said...

Well, I see many of us remember Latin. I, however, learned something very practical there.

For those who don't know how to wolf whistle, try this website:

Answer to Daryl: yes, RS are the initials of the prof. Your experience & the story--what goes around comes around?

To Ruthie--glad to introduce you to World Heritage Sites.

Now, all this political talk--here's a funny story--I have had several acquaintances urge me to run for something. In fact, one guy said he would bankroll me! BUT--and it's a big BUT--I am too blunt to succeed in politics.

Anonymous said...

You've had some very interesting experiences. Oh yeah...I took Latin in school too. I use it every day...

Climenheise said...

I remember taking Latin -- amo, amas, amant ...; dominus, domine, dominum ... and use it as much as the rest of us. It did help with taking NT Greek some years later. But I have little idea of what either sounds like. I take it you still use your Latin, other than to whistel loudly at students?

KGMom said...

Daryl--truth is--Latin is very useful as it provides the building blocks for so much of English. I may joke about learning nothing more than how to whistle in class, but that isn't true.

Climenheise said...

My only real regret is not learning the language properly, but stopping after two years of conjugating verbs and declining nouns. As I enter my declining years, I wish that I had more Latin and Greek and Hebrew and French and German and Spanish and Ndebele and ... You can make your own list.

Cathy said...

Hey! I'm late to this. I thought I'd already commented. I think I forgot to hit 'publish'!

Donna - this is all so interesting. Have I missed something you posted about that biography of your grandparents? What's the title?

Regarding the suggestion that you should run for political office - We need 'blunt' - go for it.

KGMom said...

Daryl--you can always take these languages in your declining years (eh? I am older than you, and I am NOT declining--unless you mean verbs).
Cathy--there's no such thing as late in the blog comment world! My grandparents--no that was a biography done for a small historical journal. It is almost 100 pages, so a bit long for a blog.
As for political office--blunt and LIBERAL--see, that's what most people don't like. I think we Americans are spoiled--we hate taxes, but love the roads we drive on, etc. And I favor letting people decide what they want to do--e.g. marry whomever, begin or end pregnancies on their terms with doctors' advice. I don't like the government in those things. But I do like the government in social care areas.
Wouldn't get me elected, would it?