Saturday, November 17, 2007

You have to be a Genius to read this blog

Or, if you read this blog, you are a genius!

Want proof?

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Now, if you want to check your own blog, go here.

Now, here's the truth.

I saw the blog reading level rating of
Delia's blog.

So, I tried it. And I got--you need a high school education to read my blog. Hmmmm--interesting. Then I tried entering INDIVIDUAL blog entries, and depending on which one I entered, I got various ratings. Some require high school education (e.g. recipes); others require you be a genius (
Dulce et Decorum est). Apparently, ones with Latin titles rate the GENIUS level.

So, you can fool blog rating sites!

Now, maybe that is worth the genius label.


Anonymous said...

I must not be using enough Latin because I am only a highschooler! LOL!

Unknown said...

Sigh -- I guess I could try to fool it. Although a teacher friend of mine (who teaches High School) got a pre-k rating on his blog so I did feel better then! :)

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Your smarty pants. . . you figured how to beat the test. Obviously you are a skilled student as well as teacher.

Beverly said...

I wondered why I had a hard time reading some of your posts. :-)

I did that and came out with high school level.

I'm supposing you watched Penn State give their game away yesterday. Gr-r-r. I think I'm going to change my allegiance to South Florida, which is right in my back yard.

Anvilcloud said...

I don't understand a word that you are saying. Does that mean I'm not a genius?

Ruth said...

We are told to aim at a 6th grade level with educational materials at the hospital. I guess a genius can be misunderstood ;-)
I will have to check my blog, but I am sure it is not a genius one!

Climenheise said...

At what level do you teach your students to write? I don't mean, "At what level do they write?" In the end that is beyond your control.

I just finished marking a paper that required more energy to read than most, precisely because it was not well written. Clarity of expression, which the blog rater might assume means a lower level of education, requires more work -- writing and rewriting. I haven't checked my own blog yet. I may. I may not. I don't know.

denverdoc said...

I got a college (undergrad) rating. That sounds about right. I wonder how these things work, number of words over a certain length? words not found in a mid-size dictionary? length of entries?

Mary said...

It's elementary for me, my dear.

All elementary - all the way! LOL!

I don't think choosing one particular post of mine would change anything.

Some of us write beautifully (like you) and some of us just talk away...

KGMom said...

To all--I do not put great stock in Internet ratings services.

If I did, I would have to say. . .

--as a bird, I am a buzzard (not a bad designation, but really. . .)
--as a flower I am a carnation. . .you know, your basic kind of salt of the earth flower.
--as for who I will be voting for in the upcoming election, Dennis Kucinich (which is incredibly funny because I think he is nuts. I may line up with him on some positions, but would not vote for him for President).

So, the Genius rating for an entry in my blog doesn't make me feel **special**!

As for Philip's comment--well, I will just have to write a blog about what kind of student I was.

And, Daryl, you are so right--writing well to be understood is NOT at all simple. It is, in fact, quite difficult. Your experience of taking a long time to grade a poorly written paper is most familiar. I try to teach students how to write FORMALLY, not so much at a particular level, other than academically acceptable writing.

dguzman said...

Great post! And I agree--those Internet tests are just silly. But fun.