Thursday, February 14, 2008

Squirrel - 1/ KGMom - 0

Birds are finally returning to the feeders.

Cats are actually lying side by side (this NEVER happens. . .must be Valentine's Day!).

I am enjoying the sunporch.

Then, I see him (or her)--brazen little fellow.

Just sits on the feeder rim and helps himself.

I am taking photos from inside, then decide I had best go out and shoo him away before he gets all the sunflower seeds.

So, I open the sliding glass door and walk out saying, Go on, shoo. Get. Those seeds aren't for you.

Instead of the usual mad scramble up the tree, this little guy sits and looks at me, and keeps eating seeds. So, finally I get up close, and he runs up the tree. Then he sits on a branch, seemingly saying--you looking at me?

So, I ball up a small wad of snow into a mini snowball and toss it at him.

What comes next absolutely cracks me up! The squirrel catches the snowball and begins to munch on it.


I did, however, give him the match.

Squirrel - 1/ KGMom - 0


entoto said...

That is soo funny! I would love to have seen that. Maybe he needs a racket?

Climenheise said...

How long did he munch the snow before throwing it back at you?

Nora said...

Am I supposed to believe that Donna..hmmmm you got some baseball playing squirrels there..or you have been tossing peanuts to them all summer...cheers

Anonymous said...

Dratted squirrels. Ruby wants me to tell you that if you need her, she'll come and take care of them rotten squirrels for you! "Catching your snowballs. I don't think so!" :)

Beverly said...

That made me laugh right out loud.

KGMom said...

Do I have doubters out there as to the veracity of my story. This is a TRUE story.
I like the idea of a racket--or a bat. Hmmm. . .maybe I could get the squirrels to play cricket?!
The squirrel did not munch long on the snow--obviously recognizing that it was not food.
And I have never tossed peanuts at them.
Oh, yes--send Ruby around. . .she could chase the squirrels and then play with our dog Tipper (who slept through this episode).
I expect I will see this squirrel again, and maybe I will get him (her) into spring training, batting, catching etc.

Denise said...

Too funny! I would have loved to witness this.

JeanMac said...

What a cute post.

Ruth said...

So you finally got snow. Right now our birds and squirrels are suffering through this longest and snowiest of winters and they do not leave the feeders readily when we come out. Or perhaps, they are getting used of us!

Anonymous said...

squirrels always are one up on me! I can always tell when a squirrel is at my window feeder . . cats leave holes in the plastic I put up!

Mary said...

Donna, I'm giggling like a nut here :o) Those darn squirrels can be so haughty and brazen. My mental picture of you making a little snowball as a weapon is priceless.

I really do miss having cats. Yours are so pretty.

RuthieJ said...

That's a great squirrel story Donna! (I'm thinking it's maybe one of your particularly trying students from the past who died and was reincarnated as the squirrel in your backyard.)

possumlady said...

Oh, I remember you talking about how your cats rarely hang out together. That must have been a treat. Snowball catching squirrels? This, I gotta see.

dguzman said...

Oooh! Next time, try pitching some peanuts at him and have hubby take pics! Those squirrels are real characters; I have no doubt your story is true!

Cathy said...

You've got to try to repeat this exchange. If you could capture that in movie form - . . . oh my, you'd be a hit on YouTube.