Friday, August 21, 2009

It's Been a Wild Week

Sitting at my computer this evening, I glanced out the window to see a golden glow. This has happened from time to time, and it always draws me outside. I love to look at the warm glow of a late summer sky. This evening's sky did not disappoint. The only resentment I feel at all is that neighbors had the temerity to build to the west of our house, thus obstructing my view of the sunset. But I did my best--I climbed a small hill and took several photos.

This marvelous sky is the very least that Mother Nature can do after the weather that has been thrown at us the last week. I would have been perfectly happy to go the whole summer without a week of high humidity and scorching temperatures. But, by the third week of August, I guess I should not be surprised that the heat and humidity finally arrived.

Since Monday, the weather here has been unsettled. Temperatures inched over 90 degrees--in a summer that has not seen 90 degree levels. And then on Thursday, tornado warnings sprouted all over the central PA area. Understand, mostly we do not have tornadoes in this part of the country. I turned on the television around 3 p.m. to catch the weather forecast, only to find the various local stations had pre-empted their usual fare ( no loss) to broadcast tornado warnings non-stop. Then the skies lowered, and the rain came down. In buckets. And buckets. The weird thing is that the official record keeping location--at the airport--experienced no rain fall.

Today was almost a repeat of yesterday, minus the tornado warnings. However, the downpour of rain flooded Front St., along the river in our capital city. Quite a sight.

I always enjoy the opening that Garrison Keillor gives when he says "It's been a quiet week here in Lake Wobegon, my home town."

Well, it's not been a quiet week here in Harrisburg, my home town.

But the lovely golden sky this evening portends fairer weather in the days to come. . .I hope.


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I hope the weather settles down for you. I think you all got the weather system we had on Wednesday. It's rained steadily since then but this afternoon out came the sun, cooler temps and lower humidity.

Lovely sunset.

Anvilcloud said...

I guess we've been enjoying similar weather.

Grizz………… said...

These are simply lovely photos of a spectacular sky.

Today was cool here. And really, all of August has been cool—at least in my corner of Ohio. (Farther north and east I know they've had some real heat and muggy days.) I'm glad we not yet been "blessed" with such typical August fare.

Maybe you've seen—and felt—the last of summer's swelter.

Jayne said...

We had that same golden sky last night too. Gorgeous! And, here too, the airport never seems to have ANY rain...lolol!

Ginnie said...

Lovely pictures. I went to an outdoor party last night and, even though it was early evening, I couldn't take more than an hour in this heat and humidity. Can't wait for Sept.

warriormom said...

My hubby broke down and bought two bedroom air-conditioners. First in 25 years of marriage!! I guess I can be grateful our pregnant daughter and husband moved in with us ~ it was for her sake he bought them!

Beautiful picture!!

Climenheise said...

Wonderful pictures, but you can keep the heat and humidity. Summer is our reward for living in Manitoba -- less unsettled weather than you have, at least usually.

Dog_geek said...

Those pictures are breathtaking! Wow!

Here's hoping for some nice weather this week!

JeanMac said...

Just beautiful - I rarely see such a golden sky here.