Thursday, August 23, 2012

There Is a Balm

Here is a continuation of my a-peeling story in the previous post.

The news is, I am still peeling.  Though a bit less each day.  And, I also received a very gracious letter from the parent company of the product I wrote of in the prior post.  They included several coupons for products in their overall parent company's stable.  Many of those products I use, so I happily accepted the coupons.  One small irony--they also included a coupon for the product I suspect caused my wee predicament in the first place. 

Oh, well.  Two steps forward, one step back.

Now, the balmy part of this post.  I suddenly recalled a product I had first learned about some 30 years ago.  When we had our first (wonderful) English setter--a sweet dog named Shannon--she occasionally developed hot spots.  She would fuss at and lick various places on her paws.  In a casual conversation with a neighbor, she mentioned that what I needed to use was Bag Balm.  This neighbor and her husband had owned a general store in rural central Pennsylvania, and Bag Balm was something they always had on hand.  She gave me a small sample.

Well, it did the trick.  But the history of Bag Balm is quite amusing to me--originally it was developed for farmers to use on cows whose udders became inflamed from milking.  Hence its name--Bag Balm. 

It is very nearly wonder stuff.  It cured the hot spots. 

When I saw it for sale at one of my favorite websites for shopping--the Vermont Country Store--I ordered some.  And it arrived yesterday.  I tried it on my peeling hands--and for now they are becoming soothed and smooth.

Oh, yes, there is a balm.


Anvilcloud said...

And you didn't have to go to Gilead for it.

We have some bag balm in the house. I can get it at one or two places not too far from us.

Unknown said...

Bag Balm is awesome stuff. Glad it helped!

Ginnie said...

I'm always amazed that Bag Balm isn't a huge seller. It's one of the best things on the market. So glad it's helping.

Mary Lee said...

Occasionally I see it in fabric and yarn shops. I'd forgotten about it. I think I'll dig mine out and work on my heels.

I wish they could work on the smell though.

troutbirder said...

I remember it from visiting my cousins dairy farm as a child. Who would of thought... a miracle cure. :)