Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Ah! Sweet Mystery. . .

Remember the errant suitcase that sat in the hallway, that caused me to conjure up visions of mischief? Or worse--bombs? Read the back story here.

I feared this mystery would never be solved, that I would have to live out my life not knowing what was in the suitcase. Time was--I only wanted to live long enough to know who Deep Throat was. Now we know---and I am amazed to find new mysteries to consume me.

Anyway, enough teasing--mystery revealed. Today, the bay secretary (that's the term given to the person who works to support all those of us whose offices are arranged around a common bay of printers and copiers) came into my office and said, sotte voce, a name. I looked up, puzzled and said--huh?

So and so, she repeated. Seeing my furrowed brow, she added--that's who left the suitcase in the hall. Ah! The name she had said was of a long-time professor here--in fact, he was the example number two in this previous post. It seems he likes to store things in the suitcase. . .for his Saturday class. Huh? I saw it in the hall on a Tuesday, and it had been sitting there all day.

How, you might wonder, did his ownership finally become clear? Even though he had left it in the hallway all day, he apparently went to look for it late in the day, and upon discovering it missing, called Lost and Found. Someone, he said, seems to have stolen my suitcase. Since Security is the department that removed it, it took a while for Lost and Found and Security to make the connection.

So, now I have a new mystery--why on the earth would a grown man, who has his own office--that he shares with NO ONE--need to carry around his "things"--whatever that may include--throughout the week, until his Saturday class? Hmmmm? Why indeed!


Anonymous said...

Because he's him. That's why. Your mother and I sometimes had a go-around with, "Why did you do it that way?" "Do I always have to have a rational reason for everything I do?" And finally I would say, "Because I'm me, that's why?" So in answer to your question “Why“, "Because he's him." Does that make sense? To me it does.
Love, Father "C"

Anvilcloud said...

Another eccentric prof. Now ... about you ... ;)

Dog_geek said...

Hmmm... perhaps some mysteries are better left unsolved.

Mary said...

Because he's a he?

JeanMac said...

Pls ask him what he carries around - we bloggers need to know.

NCmountainwoman said...

Wonder what he did during his Saturday class? Looks as if his entire teaching life is stored in that really old suitcase and I can't imagine his being able to come up with something for that class.

People of that age who feel the need to carry around their "things" are not exactly "normal."

Given the interesting folks with whom you work, can you see a novel in your future? I would certainly buy a copy.

dguzman said...

What Jeanmac said--I wanna know what's in the suitcase!

and nice blog layout/background change!